Narcissists: The Casanova of a Familial Relationship

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Azureen, A. A (Corresponding author) , Azureen, A. A , Siti Kausar, Z , Fang Yi Xue


Narcissism has had a long and ardent history as a personality construct, but currently, among clinical professionals, it is acknowledged as a disorder. The study aimed to explore the relationships between narcissism, self-esteem, and love styles. A quantitative research design was used involving 100 university employees from a Selangor university. Following that, the participants were divided into two groups, Sample A, and Sample B. They responded to questionnaires on narcissism, love, and self-esteem. Correlation and regression were utilized as data analyses methods. The findings revealed significant connections among the components of narcissism, self-esteem, and love styles.

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