The Implications Of Imprisonment Of Husbands Towards The Wives: A Qualitative Study In Malaysia

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Azureen binti Abd Aziz , Azureen binti Abd Aziz , Muhammad Ajib Abd Razak , Zhooriyati Sehu Mohamad , Mohammad Rahim Kamaluddin


Based on recent studies, it could be indicated that more than 10.9 million prisoners are imprisoned throughout the world. In other words, it could be said that the prison population has been increasing from year to year. In Malaysia, the National Prison Administration reported in 2021 a total of 68 603 prisoners were reported and half of them are aged between 30 years old to 45 years old.  These figures indicated that many of the imprisoned people have families and partners outside. Many pieces of research were reported on prisoners but minority research was done on prisoners' wives. This study discovers the implications of imprisonment of husbands towards their wives. A qualitative approach was implemented in this study by having fifteen in-depth interviews. The findings propose that the wives of prisoners are impacted not just by the tag of being the wife of a prisoner, but mostly by the selfishness of their husbands concerning the emotions and destitutions the women experience after the imprisonment of their husbands.  

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