Human Computer Interaction Based Head Controlled Mouse

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Dr. K Kamakshaiah , P. Sony , B.Neeraja


Hand-free control for human-computer interface has been very important nowadays. For hand-free solution, to use human body movement tracking in video input and utilize the tracking is an important kind of solution. In this paper, we have presented a hand-free head mouse control based on mouth tracking. We use mouth position interval information between front-frame and the next-frame in video frames of head motion to confirm if a mouth tracking is movement information or command information, once a movement information has been determined, we use a mapping function which is set up by relationship between MMA and screen to map mouth position, then the real mouse position can be got, by this way we can operate mouse cursor in OS. On the other ways, if mouse click command information is determined, we can capture the mouth movement tracking, and then use recognition machine to recognize the tracking to determine which command it is. We have made experiments on Windows  System to evaluate that our algorithm can represent a good effect for human-computer interface.

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