An Evaluation Through Data Analysis And Interpretation Of Housing Satisfaction Among Occupants Of Lucknow City, Uttar Pradesh, India

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Deepti Pandey Rana , Mahendra Joshi , Himmat Bhatia


Housing is more than just bricks and mortar and it is the building block of a community and the community builds a common stock of social relationships. Residential satisfaction is a broad concept and is associated with multidimensional aspects including physical, social, and neighbourhood factors, as well as psychological and socio-demographic characteristics of the residents. This Present paper analyses housing satisfaction among occupants of Lucknow city aspects of basic amenities based on views of 450 respondents residing in houses constructed by Private Builder, Government agencies and Self-constructed houses in Lucknow city. Obtained data has been analyzed using various statistical tools and techniques. Results of the study reveal that there is a remarkable difference in level of housing satisfaction among occupants of three selected type of houses. Formulation of Rank order of Socio-Psychological problems and Comprehensive integrated approach to issues & challenges related to Housing occupants of Lucknow have also been analyzed under this paper. Satisfaction from neighbourhood is observed considerably more in occupants of houses constructed by Government companies in comparison to private builders in addition to self-constructed houses. Satisfaction from social infrastructure has also been also found remarkably high in occupants of houses constructed by government organizations, while pleasure from excellent, safety, layout and planning of homes has been found remarkably excessive in occupants of homes built by way of private builders and self-built homes.

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