Effects Of Effort-Reward Imbalance (Eri) On The Job Satisfaction And Work Performance Among Healthcare Workers Of Maternal And Children Regional Hospital Of South Sulawesi In 2022

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Iin Fadhilah Utami Tammasse , Fridawaty Rivai , Andi Zulkifli , Noer Bahry Noor , Syahrir A Pasinringi , Balqis


The low job satisfaction rate among healthcare workers in the hospital was found to affect the quality of health services for patients and profoundly impact the performance of employees in the hospital.This study aimed to analyze the effect of effort-reward imbalance (ERI) on job satisfaction and work performance, the effect of job satisfaction on work performance, and the direct and indirect effect of ERI on work performance through job satisfaction in the Mother and Child Regional Hospital of South Sulawesi. This research is quantitative research using an analytical observational study with a cross-study design. Respondents were 377 healthcare workers (medical, nurses, midwiferies, non-medical) taken in total sampling. Data were analyzed using the Chi-square test and path analysis. The result showed that ERI had a significant direct correlation with job satisfaction and work performance. The association between ERI and work performance was also correlated indirectly through job satisfaction. Therefore, the hospital is expected to improve the healthcare workers' quality by balancing the effort and reward to improve job satisfaction which can lead to higher work performance.

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