Strategies And Mechanisms For Women Native Political Participation To Lamas District In Peru

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Bertha Zelmith De Souza-Canayo


This article aims to present the situation of the political participation of native women in the District of Lamas, San Martín Region and how this right promotes their empowerment, as well as a brief diagnosis referring to the strategies and mechanisms that have been implemented by the regional authorities to contribute to the promotion of these rights. This research is based on the collection of information, the analysis of data and the evaluation of the actions that promote this participation, in addition to their problems and demands. The objective is to promote the empowerment of the capacities of native women leaders of organizations in the sector, to make feasible the proposals of political advocacy and governance in the space where they are positioning themselves, seeking the protection of the State in defense of their interests, and that through the relevant mechanisms and strategies on the part of the authorities, the barriers that these women have to face to assert their rights are broken, either due to lack of education or the ethnic electoral quota that contemplates only intermediate public positions such as regional and provincial councils, leaving a great deficit in positions of national representation and at the local-municipal level.

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