Marketing P’s Used By Retailers Of National Soap Brands- A Study Across Retailers Of KSDL In India

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Mr. Umashankar Apali , Dr. Sundara Rajan , Dr. Sagar G


Despite the fact that Karnataka Soaps and Detergents Ltd., Bangalore is a government-owned firm, the importance of profitability and productivity should not be disregarded in any manner. Research on retailers' marketing practises is being sought to better understand where the business is in terms of product promotion and where it needs to make adjustments to better compete with its rivals. The purpose of the present study is descriptive; specifically, it is to identify associations between the variables being examined. A self-prepared questionnaire was designed keeping in mind the techniques used by retailers to attract and retain consumers based on Product, pricing, marketing, distribution and Physical evidence strategies. The surveys comprised of 35 questions including retail shop data. Using a confirmatory factor analysis and statistics software package, we found that the questionnaire's AVE was more than 5.00, MSV was larger than AVE, and Cronbach's alpha and Composite reliability were both greater than 0.700, indicating that the scales were valid and reliable. This validates the validity of the questionnaire. As to the corporate statistics, 2020-21, there are 3,89,345 retailers of KSDL in India throughout Bangalore , Hyderabad , Mumbai , Kolkata , Chennai and Delhi Branches. Using the Cochran formula of known population at 10 percent margin of error a sample of 100 merchants was selected to be appropriate for the study. The researcher circulated 130 questionnaires and 120 valid replies were chosen for the current investigation. Convenience sampling approach was utilised to pick 20 shopkeepers from each of the branches. Statistical analysis was performed using the statistical software packages SPSS Version 25 and AMOS Version 22. The findings of the study suggest that the mean scores for Marketing mix elements employed by retailers is high for Product strategy and promotion indicating retailers have strong product strategy and promotion, while less significance is given to Physical evidence. Product strategy influences the four marketing Ps by a factor of 77 percent, and physical evidence by a factor of 71 percent. The merchants' focus on product strategy is a good one, but there is still room for improvement in terms of physical evidence if they want to reap the full benefits of the optimal distribution of marketing components.

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