The Degree Of Media Education In Jordanian Universities From The Viewpoint Of The Faculty Members

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Dr. Somaya Mustafa Al-Hawamdeh


Globally, the ownership, production and distribution of media and media contents have been on the increase. However, since Jordanian university students spend a significant amount of time on media on a daily basis, there is a need for media education. This study was conducted to explore the various degree/levels of media education in Jordanian universities. Faculty members of Jordanian universities were used as the sample population since the basics of the study was from the viewpoint of faculty members. Notwithstanding the seemingly low motivation (41.7%), faculty members of Jordanian Universities has a relatively high perception (53.5% and 29.2%) of media literacy, as most of them tend to encounter different media and  media contents on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. With continuous and established exposure of Jordanian university students to the media on a daily basis, it is expedient that they are enlightened in the utilization/distribution of media contents.

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