Nurturing Emotional Intelligence And Transnationalism Through Sport Literature: A Close Reading Of Shehan Karunatilaka’s Chinaman

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Dr. Sandhya Tiwari


Sport literature has witnessed a substantial increase in publications. However, the relationship between sport literature and holistic development is yet to get the well-deserved recognition and acceptance in the academic portals. The transdisciplinary nature of sports literature has tremendous scope for outreach in the realms of academic institutions in the twenty-first century. A judicious combination of sport literature spruced with historical perspectives has the capacity to groom the holistic personality of learners with necessary life skills to succeed in this technology dominated modern society that has an embedded flip side of extreme competition. The journey of a sportsperson, through ups and downs, equips them to appreciate and celebrate life without giving in to disappointments. Sport literature can bring to into the portals of academic institutions the necessary zest to lead life than ‘pull through’ the journey. Stories from local to global will help the learners understand the inherent flip side that is bound to exist in the life of every individual. This article aims to draw upon in detail the inferences by analyzing two books related to sports in establishing the claim.

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