Factors Influencing Professional Mental Health Help-Seeking Willingness Among People: A Case Study

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Bayan Hussein, Aya Sayed, Abdelrahman Ali, Roba Shady, Abdalla Takrouny, Pilsung Choe


Mental health has been a taboo subject in many societies for several years. However, because untreated mental illness can lead to severe consequences, people should be encouraged to seek treatment. Unfortunately, individuals are often discouraged by a wide range of factors. This work presents a case study conducted in Qatar to explore the different factors affecting individuals’ willingness to seek Mental Health Counselling (MHC). A survey is used to collect data and measure individuals’ willingness to get treatment–if needed–and the possible factors preventing them from seeking MHC. These factors include parenting style, perceived stigma, mental health literacy, social media consumption, and service-related factors. The collected data are then statistically analyzed using ANOVA and correlation analysis to find a significant difference between the MHC willingness levels and the mentioned factors. Based on the results, practical actions are recommended to encourage people to achieve a mentally healthy lifestyle.

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