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Nurul Aliah Mustafa, Norela Mohamed Shah, Nabilla Waheda Hashim, Mahsuri Md Desa


Industry 4.0 relates to physical cyber, the Internet of Things (IoT), knowledge, innovation, and human capital in the current world. These requirements must be accomplished if Malaysia is to grow toward becoming a developed country. While countries such as Malaysia strive to improve STEM education to better prepare students for Industry 4.0, students' interest in the subject begins to wane throughout their schooling, especially in early childhood education, leading them to avoid STEM-related fields while pursuing postsecondary education. The integration of STEM disciplines into school curricula is the most important problem on educators' concerns today. Without a question, how instructors view and implement STEM education in the classroom will have an impact on the quality of STEM education offered to students. Due to these factors, the focus of this study is on early childhood STEM education classroom activities (i.e., Informal Cooperative Learning). Teachers can utilise the ICL activity pattern to develop their own activities that are suited to their individual courses and designed to meet certain objectives. This article discusses Advance Organizer, Intermittent Discussion, and Closure techniques. However, using ICL for STEM education in early childhood education to prepare children for Industry 4.0 has its own set of problems. Divide the students into groups, keep group socialising under control, encourage students to work together in groups, create instructional materials and activities for students, educate students how to report on group projects, and assess student successes are some of the problems. This study offers a thorough evaluation of STEM education and its relationship to the Fourth Industrial Revolution. A systematic review is a summary of the medical literature that uses clear and repeatable techniques to systematically search out, critically evaluate, and synthesise information on a specific topic. This research over all the aspect of STEM in Malaysia and beneficial for the society and Malaysian school as well. Paper does focus on the Malaysian industrial revolution.  This paper will be useful to a variety of Malaysian early childhood schools, stakeholders, and policymakers.

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