Winners Of Science Competitions: Psychological Challenges Facing Gifted Individuals

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Omar M. Muammar


The purpose of the study was to determine the most psychological challenges facing talented individuals who won medals in science competitions in terms of how common these challenges are to this population and what specific challenges are present in this group. Furthermore, the researcher aimed to examine any differences between male and female talented individuals in terms of types and average psychological challenges. The total sample of the study was 112 (75 male and 37 female) talented individuals who had won medals in science competitions. This study utilized a quantitative method using data collected by survey; the researcher used different data analyses, including frequency, means, standard deviation, percentage, chi-square, and t-test, to answer the research questions. Results showed that around 70% of talented individuals had encountered two or more psychological challenges during their achievement path. The most common psychological challenges faced among gifted individuals were stress (39.3%), perfectionism (37.5%), self-criticism (32.1%), and low self-esteem (32.1%). Another critical challenge, like depression, was present in this group (14.3%). Further, the results showed no gender differences in the type and average of psychological challenges faced by talented individuals. A critical implication of the current study was to integrate psychological guidance and counseling in gifted programs across developmental paths through systematic intervention to ensure the mental health of talented individuals. Researchers are encouraged to conduct future studies in different settings, context levels, and regions for comparison and cross-validation of these results.

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