A Study Of The Confidence Of Higher Secondary Level Student With Respect To Their Social Evolving

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Seema Pandey Vashishta , Dr. Kirtima Upadhyay


Theorists have long held that a person's self-assurance and their network of friends and acquaintances are intertwined. However, the empirical data has been mixed, leading to much ambiguity as to whether or not connections constitute a significant component in the growth of confidence. Confidence may be affected by a variety of characteristics, such as one's physical appearance, socioeconomic situation, gender, degree of education, parenting style, family environment, and employment. There are other things at play besides the event itself that might undermine one's sense of self-worth. The purpose of this research was to examine whether or not there was a correlation between high school students' internet use and their feelings of isolation and low self-esteem. Three hundred students at the upper level of secondary education participated in the research. The study's results were examined in light of the existing literature, and some recommendations were made. The findings show that someone with higher levels of social evolution and confidence acts as a de-facto leader, with others following their direction as a result of the influence they wield.

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