Racial Prejudice Against Blacks In Toni Morrison’s Novels: A Sociolinguistic Perspective

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Dr. Rizwan Aftab , Dr. Ayyaz Mahmood , Dr. Muhammad Abdullah


The population of the world has been suffering with the evil of racism since the time immemorial which subsequently emerges into mall treatment of poor and powerless faction of the society. This research project has sought to investigate the age old theme of racism. This research explores the writing of a writer who belongs to the marginalized groups and who deals with the issue of racism from different perspectives. It deals with the blacks’ victimization and inhuman treatments at the hands of whites. Black female writers find it hard to deal with the issue of racism and their sufferings, exploitation and victimization not only at the hands of whites but from their own people as they belong to the lower level of hierarchical pattern of power. The readers may realize reflections of racism in their societies or different parts of the world as per their experiences after going through the study in hand.

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