Development Of Philosophical And Spiritual Thoughts Of Burhan Ahmad Fārūqi: An Analytical Study

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Dr. Muhammad Riaz , Rana Muhammad Idrees , Sonia Bari , Syed Toqeer Abba


Philosophy is not native to Islam and the Muslims, but was imported into the Muslim realm of scholarship. The pure fellowship of Islam remained indifferent to philosophy as they did not feel any reason to believe it because action and practicality are the soul of Islamic teachings and thinking about the logic and reasoning of the commands of Allah and that of the Prophet of Islam was out of the question with the earlier Muslims. Islam crossed the boundaries of the Arabian Peninsula and penetrated the areas that were enmeshed in the labyrinth of philosophy. Greece is the original homeland of philosophy, and the Muslims were to make Islam understandable to the people under the Greek sway. In the earlier two centuries, there was no concept of philosophy among the Muslims as Kindi(800AH-866AH) was the first Muslim to introduce Greek Philosophy after him  lot of Muslim philosophers were there, but all of them adopted Greek philosophy. Islam is pure in all its teachings based on the Oneness of Allah. How is it possible to borrow some mechanism from an atheist? Pure Islamic philosophy based on revelation-based knowledge and its practical edition is the life of the Prophet, presented by Burhan Ahmad Farooqi(1905-1996). This research provides an analytical study of the developments about Farooqi's access to the goal of Quranic Methodology, rejecting all other methodologies that are not compatible to Islam and its mechanism. 

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