Impact Of External Rewards On Intrinsic Motivation Of Elite And Non-Elite Women Cricketers Of Pakistan

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Ammara Rubab , Prof. Dr. Yasmeen Iqbal , Dr. Shahzaman Khan


The goal of the current study was to determine how external rewards influence Pakistani elite and non-elite women cricketers' intrinsic motivation. This research is a quantitative study located in Pakistan. The sample of the study was elite and non-elite women cricketers of Pakistan. The data was collected using a purposive sampling technique while the number of participants was 200 women cricketers. The analytical tool used for data analysis was SPSS Version 23.0. The Sports Motivation Scale (Palletier et al., 1995) and Effort & Reward Scale (IK-Park, 2021) were used in the study. The results reported that external rewards have a positive impact on the intrinsic motivation of elite ( = = while no impact of external rewards was found on intrinsic motivation of non-elite = 0.003 ,   ) respondents. Motivation is a key factor in sports participation and the development of an athlete’s peak performance. External rewards help to improve intrinsic motivation. The findings of this study suggest that women's cricket organizations concentrate on boosting sports motivation by considering the psychological requirements of athletes, such as recognition, rewards, security, and support. The results obtained from this study will be very effective for organizers as well as women cricketers as it can offer them an inside view and enriched knowledge on how reward works to improve intrinsic motivation, which in turn can influence their approach to training in particular ways that can keep them successful.

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