Mediating Role Of Savoring For The Relationship Of Music Absorption And Psychological Wellbeing In Students With Creative Interests

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Asma Irfan , Irsa Fatima Mahkdoom (PhD) , Mohsin Atta (PhD) , Najma Iqbal Malik (PhD)


The present research aims to study the mediating role of savoring in the relationship between music absorption and psychological well-being in students with creative interests (N = 300). The sample was approached by using multistage sampling following a correlational research design. Music absorption, savoring and well-being were measured by using the Absorption in Music Scale, Savoring Abilities Scale and Warwick Edinburgh Mental Wellbeing Inventory respectively.  The results revealed that absorption in music, savoring abilities and psychological well-being positively correlate with one another. Moreover, the results concluded that savoring was a mediator between music absorption and psychological well-being among students with creative interests. The study has important implications in the field of positive psychology, and the mental health of students in general and specifically for students with creative interests.

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