An Effect Of Digital Literacy On The Academic Performance Of University-Level Students

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Dr. Farah Latif Naz , Abdul Raheem , Farid Ullah Khan , Wali Muhammad


This research aims to determine how digital literacy influences the academic performance of university-level students in District Lahore , Punjab, Pakistan. It is a descriptive research where a survey was carried out in public sector universities to collect the responses of 120 students from District Lahore. The responses were analyzed using Mean-difference statistics. The results show that students with digital knowledge or technological skills performed better than those without these skills. Female students with digital skills outperformed male students with a similar digital literacy level. This study revealed, among other things, that all university-level students should be taught how to utilize library computers to locate reliable and authentic information for their research work. Recommendations and suggestions for future research have been provided at the end.

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