Moderating Role Of Transformational Leadership On Servant Leadership With Emotional Exhaustion Among Health Care Employees

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Dr. Faisal Khan , Dr. Muhammad Sufyan , Dr. Altaf Hussain , Ayesha Gul


Leadership is the dominating function of the organization because a strong leadership skill provides the dynamic organizational demands. It plays a role in reducing burnout and stress. The study examined how transformational and servant leadership interact with emotional exhaustion. Moreover, the study will investigate the moderating effect of transformational leadership that influences servant leadership and emotional exhaustion among the employees of the health care department. The data was collected from 265 employees from the health sector of the Swabi district through closed-ended questionnaires. The study found that both the direct and indirect effects of servant leadership and transformational leadership positively affect emotional exhaustion. The result provides a unique insight for the leading research on how different leadership styles can be effective with emotional exhaustion. Furthermore, these findings provide significant implications for policymakers and, especially for the health sector, the underpinnings for low exhaustion among employees in organizations.

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