Artificial Intelligence (AI) And Deep Learning (DL) In Medical Diagnosis Process Such As SPECT And PET

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Sai Nitisha Tadiboina , Wei Liu


AI has been defined as an area of study in computer science concerned with “the development of computers to engage in human-like thought processes such as learning, reasoning and self -correction”. Artificial intelligence has typically been used to solve logical and rational challenges. Due to significant advancements in AI-driven picture segmentation and interpretation, research on more current deep learning (DL) improvements has increased. These studies have been published in radiology and nuclear medicine journals. Abolishing careers in medicine was a prediction made by critics and AI scientists as early as 1976. In this article, we have tried to study the Medical image diagnosis method (SPECT and PET) using artificial intelligence. In order to increase the quality of nuclear medicine imaging, we would want to draw the landscape of AI technological breakthroughs. Top four above mentioned methods were the four primary areas on which we primarily concentrated. After learning is finished, using AI for prediction will be quicker than using conventional techniques. The potential of AI technology to enhance nuclear medicine imaging quality and its use in the clinic is still being actively researched.

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