The Attitudes Of Teachers Toward Professional Ethics In The Light Of Technological Developments And Its Impact On Behavioral Values Of Primary School Students In General Education In The State Of Kuwait: A Field Study

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Dr. Hamad F. AL- Rashid


The study aimed to identify the attitudes of teachers in the primary stage of public schools in the State of Kuwait towards the ethics of the profession in the light of the contemporary technological developments, and to answer the study questions, the study sample was chosen from the teaching staffs (male and female teachers) in the elementary schools of general education in the six governorates of the State of Kuwait whereby from each governorate two schools are selected; one for boys and one for girls. Hence, the sample size is 1,200 teachers divided into the number of (713) teachers, with a percentage of (59, 42) male teachers and the number of (487) female teachers with a percentage of (40, 58) out of a total of 1200 male and female teachers included in the study. The results reveal that the teachers ’attitudes towards establishing ethics in the profession need more support, especially in light of the rapid technological evolution and the challenges faced by the teachers in using such technologies. The study recommends the solidification of the ethics of the public education professionals in the State of Kuwait in the light of contemporary technological innovations; training and qualification of primary school teachers in general education in Kuwait to face the challenges of the contemporary technological revolution; promotion of the teachers’ attitudes towards the ethics of the teaching profession; analysis of the attitudes of primary school pupils in general education in the State of Kuwait towards using technology and building a strategic vision to enhance employment; review and evaluation of practices and attitudes towards professional ethics within primary schools in primary education in the state of Kuwait.

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