Course Improvement Evaluation: A Framework Towards Redefining Curriculum

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Ma. Gloria E. Liquido


This study is an evaluation research on course improvement evaluation as a framework for curriculum development. It sought to investigate how else the instructor and the course as evaluand performed the test of effectiveness in one foundational course under Master of Arts in Education program.  This study utilized evaluation research design, a social science activity directed at collecting, analyzing, interpreting, and communicating information about the workings and effectiveness of social programs. There were 25 graduate students taken as participants. A researcher-made evaluation instrument was utilized as a tool for gathering the data. The quantitative data in evaluation responses were analyzed using weighted mean and the qualitative data were analyzed using thematic analysis. Findings revealed that the teacher and her teaching itself, in general, was effective, in the areas of (1) curriculum objectives, (2) contents, (3) teaching strategies, (4) assessment tools and methods, (5) course requirements, (6) resources, and (7) use of multimedia served the purpose in learning. Most significantly, the findings provide a research-based guide for intelligent decision-making and action regarding what and how to enhance key areas of teaching.

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