Public Relations In Higher Education: A Confirmatory Analysis Of Grunig’s Excellence Theory

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Sonia R. Low


In the literature of Public Relations (PR), Grunig’s Excellence Theory remained as widely used and an accepted model for excellence in PR and in organizational management. This confirmatory study is focused on the PR and communication management of four state universities and colleges (SUCs) in Caraga region. Specifically, the research delves on the confirmatory analysis of the four SUCs’ PR management practices in accord with that of Grunig’s Excellence Theory. Principal component analysis (PCA) revealed that the four SUCs in Caraga region, namely: ASSCAT, CSU, SSCT, and SDSSU practiced the Excellence Theory although they are not fully aware of it. Withal, findings of the study can be used as basis for these institutions in knowing the value of PR to an organization, and the value of building positive relationships with both the inside and the outside publics.

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