Impact Of Work Life Balance On Entrepreneurial Decisions And Outcomes; A Study Of Women Entrepreneurs Of Jammu And Kashmir

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Dr. Danish Iqbal Raina , Faisal Faheem Khan


In present societies, Women have to play multiple roles in every stage of their life around. One of the important roles selected by women is to become entrepreneurs to manage business activities besides household activities. Work-life balance means balancing between personal life and professional life effectively. Therefore, the major objective of the present study is to learn about the work-life balance of the women entrepreneurs of J&K. The data for the study was collected from primary sources, through questionnaires in the various districts of Jammu and Kashmir. The study employs various descriptive statistics to derive the results and further Multiple Regression was also used to deduce the impact of the work-life balance on the decision and outcomes. The broad results of the study are that most entrepreneurs have started a business ata young age and the majority of women entrepreneurs belong to urban areas. Also, there is a positive impact of work-life balance issues on the overall decisions and outcomes of women entrepreneurs in Jammu and Kashmir.

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