The Power Of Images In The School Textbooks: Analyzing The Impact Of Textbooks Images On The Minds And Learning Of Students

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Muhammad Faisal Rehman , Dr. Rahman Hussain , Muhammad Asghar Khan , Dr. Sana Ullah (Corresponding author)


Images are an important source of information and play a vital role in presenting meaning and significance of the related themes and intentions. Impact of images becomes more effective if these are linked with the text presented in the book. The present study is undertaken to note the impact of primary class textbooks images on the minds and learning of students. For this study, sample was selected from Urdu and English Books of Primary classes (grade-I to Grade-V). Content analysis is adopted as the tool for implementation of the research in which contents related to the nature and purpose of this study were studied and analyzed. The results of the study denote that the images presented in the textbooks are fully loaded with different messages and contents that are related with children development and many other aspects of their life. These contents are based on the values of a particular society or area and usually convey a deeper message. It was found that in most cases the Islamic values are presented only as the national values, while some of the images also portray gender as well as class differences of society. The dress code of upper class is presented as dominant dress code, while the minorities are not presented well/positively. 

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