Stakeholders’ Assessment On Offering Master Of Engineering Programs In Romblon State University: Feasibility Study

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Ester L. Forlales, Rey P. Lilang


The study focused on the participants’ profile and their assessment on the feasibility of offering Master of Engineering programs with specialization in Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering in Romblon State University. Strengths and weaknesses on viability as regards management, market demand, financial and operational aspects of the proposed program were evaluated. Using descriptive research, validated survey instrument was used to gather data from 103 participants. Results were validated in Focused Group Discussion among various stakeholders as discussants. Descriptive statistics were used to describe participants’ profile, and assess viability of the proposed programs. Most participants were married males, 29 years old and below. Almost all were graduates of engineering course; licensed engineers, some were civil service eligible; majority has intent to enroll Master of Engineering. Stakeholders found that offering the proposed programs supports the university’s vision and mission which considered specializations on Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. The strengths of the programs were in terms of very high viability in terms of management, market demand of graduates, financial and operational aspects. Based on the study, offering of Master of Engineering with any of the four specializations is feasible.

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