Caught On Cam: Students’ Experiences On Self-Recorded Videos

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Khunakene F. Facullo


With the world experiencing a global pandemic, and face-to-face classes are not feasible as of now, schools are forced to shift to technology-based teaching and learning. This means technology is used to aid the teaching and learning process. This paper aimed to look into the experiences of students in the use of technology. Specifically, it examined the experiences of students on self-recorded videos having the following research questions: 1. How was the experience of the students in making self-recorded speeches? 2. What were the problems encountered in making self-recorded videos? 3. What were the coping mechanisms that the students employed to overcome the problems encountered? The respondents of this study are Grade 11 students of Baguio Central University taking the subject Oral Communication. The final output of the students for the subject are self-recorded speeches. After doing the requirement, students were interviewed. Interview questions were given online via messenger. After the responses were submitted, it was transcribed and then themed. The results show that students have positive and negative experiences with self-recorded videos. The encountered problems like lack of help, environment, stuttering, and tech problems. To be able to cope with such problems, students’ coping mechanisms are asking for assistance, practicing and self-learning/adjustment. The use of technology during crisis like this is helpful but teachers must also consider the state of the students so it would be good to support them by giving proper feedback and encouragement.

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