Landslide Mapping And Community Social Economic Vulnerability Analysis In Landslide Prone Areas In Purworejo Regency

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Wiwik Prihatin , Suryanto , Tetuko Rawidyo Putro


Based on the Central Java Province Spatial Planning document for 2009-2029, Purworejo Regency is one of the areas prone to landslides and is quite dangerous. The total number of landslide disasters in Purworejo Regency reached 64 incidents and caused heavy casualties and material losses. The purpose of this study is to map the distribution zone and the level of landslide-prone, to find out the level of social-economic vulnerability, the level of risk of loss in Purworejo Regency, and in areas that have low, medium, and high hazard classes. This study uses secondary data and quantitative descriptive analysis methods by scoring and weighting parameters that refer to the BNPB Disaster Risk Assessment Guideline No.2 of 2012. The results showed that the landslide- prone zoning in the Purworejo Regency was divided into four classes of vulnerability, namely very low, low, medium, and high. Purworejo Regency's economic and social vulnerability index shows the same vulnerability, so the risk of loss due to disaster is very large. The results of the economic vulnerability index in all sub-districts are moderate and the social vulnerability index is high in Purworejo and Kutoarjo subdistricts, while Bruno sub-district is classified as medium Based on the risk matrix, it is known that the level of risk of loss in Kutoarjo district in the economic aspect is low and the social risk is moderate. Purworejo district has a moderate economic risk and high social risk. Bruno sub-district has the same high economic and social risks, so the losses are greater than other sub- districts. Efforts that can be made to reduce the risk of loss due to landslides are to protect important areas by making landslide retaining buildings and relocation are highly recommended for areas that are in very vulnerable areas.

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