Relationship Of Motivation By Teacher And School And Speaking Proficiency Of L2 Learners

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Sidra Bukhari (Corresponding Author) , Muhammad Shahzad Chaudhry


The purpose of learning a language is the ability to communicate. Based on behaviorist theory, this research finds a relationship of speaking proficiency of L2 learners and motivation. L2 learners (n=204) aged 25-30 (males and females) from public and private universities were selected through convenient sampling. They participated in the study by filling out a questionnaire and took a speech test based on the British Council IELTS. They were examined by two experienced IELTS Examiners. Correlations were found. It was found that motivation had a positive significant relationship with speaking proficiency. This research urges that students should be more and more motivated and supported to do practice and imitation which will improve their speaking proficiency.

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