Worldview In Conflict Politics In Local Government Policy On Jakarta

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Eddy Guridno


To simplify the analysis of this issue, a case study of the DKI Jakarta Regional Government's Policy in stopping the Alexis Hotel's activities has drawn political conflicts. This conflict is filled with elements of interest groups in Jakarta. Promotional interest groups based on their ideas from religious values supported the local government policies, protective interest groups protecting Alexis entrepreneurs opposed this policy. This conflict was also accompanied by conflicts between political elites in Jakarta. Two factions in the Jakarta DPRD argued with each other regarding local government policies, pro and contra policies. These arguments took place around local government procedures when creating and implementing this policy. This inter-political conflict is a continuation of the political conflict in the Jakarta Regional Head General Election in 2017. This conflict is also part of the national conflict between the two camps of the Great Indonesia Coalition against the Red and White Coalition, considering that the DKI Jakarta Pemilukada is also part of the conflict between these two national coalitions. This political conflict is also a reflection of the conflict between the world views of the people in Jakarta. This conflict of life views is in the form of a religious view of life against a secular view of life in the form of hedonism.

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