Financial Structure Of Higher Education, Problems And Suggested Solutions: The Case Of Turkey

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Dr. E. Seda KOÇ


The existence aim of higher education intuitions in Turkey is to make progresses that can develop the society in all aspects and enable economic and social prosperity. Higher education institutions have been assigned both for raising skilled, well informed individuals and carrying out scientific studies and publications in order to reach at this aim.

In this study, introducing institutions, academician, education planning that constitute Turkey’s higher education system is the first step. The main aim of the study is to analyse in detail the higher education financing methods and the higher education finance structure in Turkey.

Therefore, firstly, information about Turkey’s higher education system was given and later, present situation of higher education was examined with numbers. And later then, financial features of higher education services were examined. Finally, present financing methods in Turkey were rehearsed through treating theoretically finance of higher education service which is accepted as a semi-public service.

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