The Facets Of Cyber Crimes Against Women In India: Issues And Challenges

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Akankhya Kabi , Dr. A. Marisport , Dr. Saira Gori , Dr. Anjani Singh Tomar


Cyber crimes which is a new age crime involving electronics medium for committing crimes have drastically increased over the past few years primarily whose maximum victims fall into the category of women followed by children. Due to large number of user bases it is easier to commit cyber crimes and also at the same time difficult on the part of the investigating bodies to find the offender. The intermediaries roles and the awareness of common people regarding cyber crimes and measures to be taken if you are victimized is questionable in India which is far behind on digital literacy among public. This paper analyzes thoroughly the cyber crimes committed against women in India. It discuses the legal framework of It analyses using figures of the National Crime Records Bureau. The researchers have also examined the reasons why the cyber crimes against India are increasing. At last the measures being taken by Government is briefly discussed along with the preventive steps that can be taken at individual level by women and females to avoid being victimized of cyber crimes.

General Words- Legal, Cyber, Electronics

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