A Study Of The Perceptions Of Permanent And Contract Employees Towards Performance Appraisals In Budget Hotels In Kolkata

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Subhasis Maiti , Dr. Bhola Chourasia


The demand for rooms in India for this particular category has been high, and budget hotels are expected to gain from the rise in price-conscious tourists. Human capital has been vital to managing this tremendous expansion. For the hotel to expand and remain competitive in the market, its human resources supply services to the customers. When it comes to thanking workers for their effort, human resource procedures are crucial. Enhancing workplace happiness and worker productivity requires effective HR strategies. A performance appraisal system ensures that employees have faith and confidence in the company. The inexpensive hotels in Kolkata are where the current research was done. The survey included both permanent and contract employees from all four major divisions. Responses from 232 employees in total were compiled. Data analysis was carried out using SPSS Version 20.0 and stratified random sampling. The findings showed that, especially for contractual staff, the performance assessment procedure fell short of expectations. The contractual staff did not experience any professional development or advancement.

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