Influences Of Factors On Online Impulse Buying Behavior Of Generation Z: Case At Shopee Ltd., In Vietnam

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Dr. Thanh Tien NGUYEN and Thanh Trung NGUYEN


E-commerce is one of the most popular topics that many researchers have been really focusing on exploiting. Most of those studies are mainly related to the topic of online buying behavior. Especially, the content of factors affecting the consumer’s online impulse buying behavior is one of the interesting topics which have been being studied pretty much. Additionally, Generation Z people or “Gen Z” has been becoming the most attractive target, because they are presently the main consumers in the e-commerce market. Therefore, this research paper studies the relationship between affecting factors and the online impulsive buying behavior of Gen Z. After analyzing the primary data surveyed from young customers on Shopee app which is now the most popular shopping application (in Vietnam), the paper indicated 4 factors: (1) Product presentation, (2) Promotion, (3) Positive comments (people from social network) and (4) Perceived enjoyment are the factors affecting the Gen Z’s online impulsive buying behavior through the mediating factor “urge to buy inpulsively”. The study was applied the quantitative methodology by analyzing data from 333/390 valid questionnaires which were distributed to young people in Ho Chi Minh City. Then, the result shows that factor of Perceived enjoyment has the most influence, then the factors: Product presentation and Positive comments are following respectively. The study contributes to giving a clearer insight into the online impulsive buying behavior of Generation Z, especially for businesses have better understand the behavior of young generation consumers.

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