Cryptocurrencies And Blockchains: Will It Be The Vaccine Against Corruption?

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Shekhar Gehlot and Dr. Amit Dhall


In traditional sense, the word corruption was used against the Kings and the nobles who served for the common disadvantage. Therefore, the word ‘corruption’ was chiefly associated with the public office and administration. However, with time, the corruption, a habit, has become so deep rooted in the society that it has now transcended the boundaries and has entered almost all affairs of the economic cycle, be it bad loans, black marketing, monopiles, tax evasion or recent surge in the medicinal prices in the wake of Covid-19. People are fighting with corruption in own ways and this fight gave birth to some new technological inventions which could ultimately be a vaccine for corruption, Cryptocurrency and Blockchain. Could these new fintech help combatting the corruption?

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