Evolutionary Stages Of Human Creation Islamic And Modren Approch

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Uzma Shahzadi , Dr. HM Azhar Usama (Corresponding Author) , Ayesha Tariq , Muhammad rizwan saeed


This article is a research review of the evolutionary stages of human creation but presents a vast collection and there is a great body of debate on the various aspects arising from it. All other philosophies that propagate religious agnosticism suffer from the same situation. During the last century and a half, the theory of evolution has taken the cloak of science for its justification, although the theory in the middle of the last century was a so-called Presented as a scientific theory, but so far it has not been confirmed by any consistent system of arguments, experiments or discoveries. Scientific methods such as laboratory experiments and probabilistic calculations have proven that the amino acids on which life is based cannot come into existence by themselves. In the harsh, harsh and extreme weather conditions that followed, it was created by itself, until now with the most sophisticated equipment of the 20th century. Asta cannot be produced even in a laboratory. The evolutionists have made countless excavations all over the world, but despite their frantic efforts, they have not been able to discover any such organism that can be called an intermediate or transitional link between any two species of animals. All these theories will be explained in this paper.

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