Solutions For Innovating The Quality Management Of Higher Education At Vinh Long University Of Technology Education

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Phung The Tuan , Nguyen Minh Tuan , Nguyen Thi Lien Nhi


Improving the quality of training at universities towards the output standard is one of the urgent requirements today. The Vinh Long University of Technology Education is looking forward to training high-quality technical human resources to meet the demand for labor force in the current socio-economic development of Vinh Long City in particular and the Mekong Delta in general. To achieve this target, Vinh Long University of Technology Education should have orientations and solutions to strengthen the management in order to ensure the educational quality of our university in the context of the country’s comprehensive reform of education and improvement in the quality of higher education. This article reflects the theoretical basis, analyzes the situation of education quality management at the Vinh Long University of Technology Education, and proposes some feasible solutions to innovate the management of educational quality at the University.

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