A Propose Sustainable Mechanism For Academia And Industry Linkages: Perspective Of Transfer Of Innovation And Technology

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Dr Asif Mehmood Rana , Dr Araby Madbouly Ahmed


A sustainable mechanism between academia and industry is played important role in business. How do the arrangements between academia and industry usually concentrate on the transfer of such knowledge, innovation and technology is need of industry. This study explore the linkages and factors influencing the relationships between universities- Industry. On basis of existing scholarly literature, a proposing conceptual model to improve the linkages among  universities,  national research institutions and firms, in order to enhance innovation ,Technology and competitiveness in the industry.  Present research purpose is define the future dynamic relationship among industry, and universities and redefine the role being played by academia to enhance its productive contribution in the economy. In future this conceptual research will provide the source of transfer of innovation and technology in world business. Further, we suggest to test this conceptual model quantitatively and qualitatively.

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