Analysis Of Effectiveness Of Anti-Corruption Laws Of Pakistan

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Noman Gul , Muhammad Siraj Khan , Naghma Farid , Dr. Azmat Ali Shah , Dr. Muhammad Adeel


During last few years, there has been an increase in the worldwide awareness against the detrimental effects of corruption on human civilization. Being a wide-reaching curse, it has cuffed Pakistan since its inception. As a multi facet phenomenon, it has tested the competence of all the pillars of our state. It has disturbed the fluency of our social order, the peacefulness of prosperity and the aptness of rule of law, resultantly has wronged the human dignity of an average citizen of Pakistan. The anti-corruption laws, the agencies established for the enforcement of such laws and national anti-corruption strategy (NACS) of Pakistan do not seem of that caliber which could cure the scar on the face of our society. In this paper, the government’s approach toward the fair implementation of anti- corruption laws is discussed. It is aimed through this paper to unearth the lacunas, available in our legal framework in presence of which, the landmark of fair dispensation of duties by our anti-corruption agencies cannot be touched. Reasons behind such dubious legislation are also tried to bring to light. Sincere approach, determination, resilience and persistency are required both from Government and people to coup with this problem.

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