The Instructional Leadership And Professional Learning Community On Teacher’s Performance

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Aslam , Abdul Azis Wahab , Diding Nurdin , Nugraha Suharto


Education in Indonesia has much religious influence seen on the elementary schools managed by one of Indonesia's most prominent Islamic organizations. While the numbers of elementary schools from the Islamic organization, the people see the quality of their school as not that good. One of the significant issues is the teachers' performance in learning activities. The Islamic Organization keeps trying to improve their teacher performance by creating Professional Learning Communities (PLC) and improving the leadership competencies of their school principals. This study aims to find the influence of instructional leadership as a significant style adopted by school principals and PLC contribution to teachers' performance. This study used a quantitative method with a survey instrument on each variable, distributed to all teachers and school management in Jakarta Region, and analyzed using regression and correlation method on SPSS. This research found that PLC has a significant effect of about 60,1% on improving teachers' performance, whereas instructional leadership from schools’ principals has a 61,8% influence on teachers’ performance. The contribution of school principal leadership to teacher's performance is 36,2% and 63,8% influenced by other variables, and the contribution of PLC to teacher's performance is 38,2% and 61,8% influenced by other variables. This study can explain how school principals could improve their teachers' performance by creating an active and innovative PLC in the organization.

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