Business Planning Attitude And Business Generation In Young University Students

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Dr. Alejandro Alfredo Quispe Mayuri, Mag. Leónidas Alejandro Maldonado Bendezú, Dra María Pilar Cacsire Castillo, Mag. Etheel Romila Becerra Gutiérrez, Mag. Urbano Jesús Díaz Pérez, Mag. Lishner Yancarlos Paypay Sánchez.


The objective of the research is to analyze the relationship between business planning attitude and business generation in young university students. The scope of the research was quantitative, the type of study was descriptive-correlational cross-sectional, and the design used was non-experimental. The study considered university students in the Ica Region, which amounted to 63,540 students, and the sample was 382 students, using simple random probability sampling. The technique applied was the survey, and the instrument was the questionnaire. After obtaining the information, descriptive and inferential statistics were applied for its analysis.
The results found are encouraging, they are presented as an important possibility to develop the attitudes of initiative, creativity, and self-confidence consistent with the generation of business, and it is important to emphasize that the development of entrepreneurship influences people in their daily life. work, as well as in organizations.

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