A Critical Discourse Analysis Of Ideological Structures In The Editorials Of Two English Newspapers Of Pakistan

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Dr. Amna Zulfiqar , Dr. Muhammad Bilal Nawaz , Dr. Aemen Khalid


Language is a tool of expression and communication in print media which is used for constructing the opinion of readers, also it signifies ideological stance on conflict related issues of society. The objective of current study is to investigate that how two English newspapers of Pakistan structure diverse ideologies through language during the coverage of PNS Mehran base attack. Therefore, the present study examined the language of editorials in two English newspapers of Pakistan i.e., Dawn and The News. Since, editorials reflect ideologies, so for examining such ideologies critical discourse analysis is used and it further explored style, slant, themes and discourses constructed in the editorials. According to results, slant of both the newspapers remained deleterious towards the flaws of both civilian and military leadership. Whereas, styles, themes and discourses of both the newspapers constructed different ideologies such as lack of coordination between civilian government and military leadership, challenges of external relations with US, India, Afghanistan, and failure of effective foreign policy etc. throughout the coverage of PNS Mehran attack.

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