Human Nature And Sources Of Entertainment In An Islamic Society, An Analytical Study

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Dr. Mumtaz Ahmad Jasvi , Naseer Ahmad Akhtar , Sayed Alam Jmal Abdussalam Hsham , Muhammad Sohail , Dr. Malik Kamran , Zoha Fatima, Hafiz Abubakar Usman


To serve humanity is the basic purpose of a religion. For this reason, every practice or commandment is imposed on people according to their approaches (physical/psychological). One of distinctive qualities of Islam is, it prefers the middle way in every ritual practice. Islamic Shari’ah shows great harmony to human nature. This quality attracts people of any region or religion. This magnetic strategy keeps people refreshed and energetic also. Having harmonious nature to human being, Islam presents different sources of enjoyment and entertainment to remove people’s boredom. Exhibition of chivalry activities, games for fitness purposes, out-door sitting or walking in a greenery and singing in some festivals (conditional) are some entertaining sources of Islam. This paper is to highlight the Islamic sources of enjoyment and entertainment. The main objective of this study is, to highlight the Islamic ways which remove people’s boredom. The basic question of this study is, How Islamic Shari’ah keep its followers refreshed and joyous? A descriptive research method has been used for this study.

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