The Impacts Of Individual’s Tapasya On A Society

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Dr. Mumtaz Ahmad Jasvi , Dr. Malik Kamran , Sayed Alam Jmal Abdussalam Hsham , Shamsul Arifeen , Zoha Fatima, Hafiz Abubakar Usman , Muhammad Saeed Akhtar


Hinduism is categorized an ancient religion among world religions. From start to nowadays, a lot of changes have been occurred to get modernity. Its beliefs and ritual practices have been revolutionary changed with the passage of time.  For spiritual purification, people adopt different ascetical activities. Tapasya is a renowned ascetical activity of Hindus. In a Hindu society, people do Tapasya to enhance their spiritual levels. This activity is practiced both in moderate as well as in extreme forms. Tapasya affects a body in different ways. It leaves deep impacts (positive / negative) on an individual directly and indirectly on a society.  After studying the available data, it was felt that there was need to point out the effects of Hindu Tapasya. This paper is to highlight the impacts (social) of Tapasya on a society. The main objective of this study is, to elaborate the benefits of moderate nature of Hindu asceticism. A descriptive research method has been used for this study.

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