Social Movement Of Regional Head Election In Makassar City In 2018

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Hasruddin Nur , Andi Agustang , Darman Manda


The political phenomenon of the empty column is something that has just happened in the world of Indonesian politics, especially in Makassar City. In general, Social Movements in local and global elections tend to win over one pair of legislative candidates. Different things happened in Makassar City; in fact, the form of the social movement made history in the political world; namely, the empty column won in the democratic party in 2018. This study aims to find the form of the social movement process in the victory of the empty column in the Makassar City election. 2018. This social movement research uses Anthony Giddens' post-positivistic paradigm, operationalized using a qualitative approach with a descriptive method. The results of this study indicate that: 1) the form of community social movements during the election process in Makassar City by forming a social movement from empty column volunteers and communities formed by the village head so that people become volunteers to be ready to win the empty column in the 2018 regional elections in Makassar city. 2) Volunteers for the empty column in the Makassar City election made a program to be able to socialize to the public about the empty column. This movement is without any request from anywhere, and this is purely a movement from the Makassar people who can understand the flow of political dynamics that occur so that the community makes this movement to guard the empty box in the 2018 regional elections. The form of support the community provides in the movement focuses on socializing, making campaign props, and socializing on social media. This is purely a form of a social movement from the volunteers.

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