Arts Performance Communication Of Guangxi Piano Music

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Ling Wang , Kovit Kantasiri


This Article takes Guangxi piano music as the research object, puts it in the context of culture and society, focuses on qualitative research, supplemented by quantitative research, and conducts in-depth research on its development history, creation and performance, cultural foundation, aesthetic connotation, audience group, communication and other aspects. Conclusion: the development of Guangxi piano music is contemporary, regional and national; Guangxi piano music is rooted in Guangxi national culture; Guangxi piano music has the beauty of "harmony", "softness" and "verve". The spread of Guangxi piano music is increasingly diversified. The nationality determines the development direction and overall level of Guangxi piano music.

For the first time, this is a comprehensive and systematic study of Guangxi piano music, which is a beneficial supplement to the research in this field and Chinese piano art research, to deepen the development of piano music in Guangxi, conducive to the inheritance of Guangxi ethnic culture, to provide theoretical reference to the cultural ecology of cultural diversity and unity in ethnic areas.

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