An Insight Of Implementation Of Mentor-Mentee System: University Perspective

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Mahendra Prasad Pandey , Falguni P. Desai


Mentor Mentee System was implemented with a drastic constructive changes in IFTM University in the year 2017to enhance teaching learning in University. This system effectively enhanced the learning level of students and the same was favoured by the stakeholders of University including teachers, non-teaching staff and through the system, we have achieved outstanding mentor involvement for overall personality development of new students. This was achieved through the application of a refined strategies and framing the system by including all parameters for meeting out the objective and transparent assessment model which was developed by the feedbacks received by mentors, alumni, parents and other officials also. The impact of the mentorship on the academic accomplishments and self-efficacy beliefs of IFTM University students were also investigated. The Language assessment points and the "Self-efficacy Perception" sub-dimension of the MSQL were utilized for data collection. The study showed that the mentorship service helps the students to do better in their study at University level and feel better about them.

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