Code Switching In The Teaching And Learning Process

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Marilyn Somera-Luzano


The purpose of this study was to determine whether or not transitioning between different linguistic systems while teaching and learning a variety of secondary topics is successful. The responders came from the tenth grade at Roxas National High School and consisted of fifty students and eight teachers. In order to answer the problems, the descriptive method was utilized. The gathering of data was carried out through the use of interview methods and checklists. The responses were examined based on the respondents' responses to the question of how effectively code-switching can be used in the conversations. According to the findings of the researcher, the utilization of code-switching appears to be helpful in the teaching and learning of a variety of disciplines due to the good impacts that it has on both students and teachers. Because they are more able to express their knowledge within the class without hesitation when they use code-switching, students and teachers are able to go with the discussion, respond well, and build their self-confidence. Code-switching can also be used to replace forgotten terminologies, which further contributes to these positive outcomes.

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