The Impact Of Modern Information Systems On Financial Decision-Making Within Commercial Institutions

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Ahmad A. Al-Naimi , Atallah Ahmad Alhosban , Shafiq Al Abed , Ibrahim Radwan Alnsour , Rabee Shurafa


The issue of information systems is one of the most important topics that researchers are interested in, as it is a topic that is consistent with the requirements of the modern era, where the need for data and information collection and processing has increased, and its effective use has become a prerequisite for the success of organizations in their various forms in our time, especially commercial institutions, which is characterized by changes The continuous and complex environment, which has become mandatory for organizations to use information systems to benefit from them in making decisions related to all aspects of the organization. Through the foregoing, we will try in this research to assess the extent of the impact of the information system on commercial enterprises and knows the extent of their role in decision-making. The research found that the information systems in place in the trading company are of great importance in reaching the right decisions, as they provide the decision-maker with correct and accurate indicators at the lowest cost to continue working well and reach the set goals. The research also recommended a set of recommendations related to the design of information systems for each administration in commercial enterprises, which is required by the e-government project, taking advantage of the available experiences in this field. As well as paying attention to issues of confidentiality of information and protection from tampering, sabotage, theft, forgery and other issues of security and protection in automated information systems.

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