“Human Rights And World Religions (View Of Judaism)”

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Dr. Mohammad Javad Javid , Fatemeh Nadalizadeh , Dr. Ashrafolsadat Seyednejad Kouhestani , Mahnaz Farajpour , Fatemeh Ahmadi


The religions’ intersection with the issue of human rights is among the contemporary world’s problems. Maybe the highest challenge among the monotheistic religions is the conflict between the Jewish religion and the Torah with the human rights. In spite of the existence of Ten Commandments of Prophet Moses (PBUH), the Jewish religion is accused of ethnicism and racial discrimination. Of course, in case that Judaism is viewed from the viewpoint of the theory of relativity in civil rights [25], it may overcome this crisis. The present paper seeks to reconcile (make peace between) the Jewish religion and the contemporary human rights from this viewpoint.

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